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Best Swivel Joints

Oilwell Supply is the sole Master Distributor for Best Swivel for the Asia Pacific region. Personnel at Oilwell Supply have been working with the Best product line for over 30 years.

BEST has been a leading “ISO 9001:2000” manufacturer of advanced oilfield equipment for over 35 years. With the combination of BEST Swivel, BEST Valve, and BEST Compressors, BEST is poised to assist the oilfield and petrochemical industries worldwide by meeting their equipment needs in the new millennium.

Swivel Joints

Extra High Pressure


BEST tri race code red swivel joints are designed for the critical service conditions that exist in fracturing, cementing, acidizing, and well testing. They are available in 1” through 4” sizes with 15,000 PSI working pressure and 22,500 PSI test pressures. They come with 1502, 1002, and 602 union ends for fast, easy make-up. BEST tri race code black swivels are available in 10,000 PSI working pressure with female line pipe thread end connections.

High Pressure


Available in size sizes 3/4″ through 4″ 3,000-6,000 PSI non-shock cold working pressure, BEST SWIVEL JOINTS offer:

  • Minimum flow restriction
  • Heavy duty hex head style ball loading plug
  • Grease retainer ring (insures clean ball race)
  • Standard packing units (operating temperatures to 255°F)
  • High temperature packing units (operating temperature to 450°F)
  • Superior hardened ball races insure uniform surface hardness and depth for longer life under severe thrust and radial loading

Standard swivel joints are provided with API line pipe threads. Other end connections are available on special order. All sizes are available in eight styles, for 360° rotation in one, two or three planes. All component parts and all styles of the HP-6,000 are interchangeable with similar parts by other major manufacturers.

Hammer Unions

BEST Hammer Unions have long provided the fast make-up and break-out capability needed in the oilfields around the world. BESTunions are manufactured with line pipe threads, butt weld or nonpressure-seal thread ends. BEST offers a wide range of sizes and working pressures to fit our customers requirements for both standard and sour gas service.

Pup Joints


BEST Flow Line Equipment offers a complete selection of pup joints up to 15,000 PSI in standard service and up to 10,000 PSI in sour gas service.

BEST Threaded pup Joints are available in 1″ through 4″ sizes with line pipe threads or non-pressure seal threads in any critical lengths up to 20 feet with 602, 1002 or 1502 end connections.

BEST Integral pup Joints are available in 2″ and 3″ sizes.


BEST cement and circulating all steel flexible hoses offer the widest range of proven designs for today’s demanding requirements.
BEST hoses are available for all your requirements; 6,000 to 15,000 PSI.*

Integral Fittings


BEST‘s Extra High-Pressure Integral Fittings are manufactured from forged alloy steel and are designed and tested for 15,000 p.s.i. nscwp. These fittings are made in 2″ and 3″ sizes in ells, tees and crosses with various end connections and are suitable for both standard and sour gas service.


BEST Valve designs and manufactures specialty ball valves in a wide range of materials and sizes from high alloy to carbon steel and from 1/2″ to 24″. Many of its POPI line of valves are in service in severe applications throughout the world. With its unique combination of metal – to – metal and soft-seated valves, BEST Valve can solve your critical service valve requirements with unique designs and unmatched quality.


plug-valve_15000-union plug-valve_15000-male plug-valve_5000-female

BEST‘s bottom entry, lo-torque plug valves are available in 1″ through 3″ sizes. These valves are available from 5,000 through 20,000 psi in both Standard and H2S service and can be made in a wide variety of popular end connections including union end, male and female line pipe.



BEST manufactures lubricated (“TL”) plug valves in sizes 1″ through 3″. These plug valves, which are unique to BEST, contain mechanisms to provide lubrication between the plug and the insert, thus increasing the life of the valves as well as repair parts, while at the same time creating a nitrogen tight seal.

The components of these plug valves are interchangeable with parts from valves of other major manufacturers and thus can be used to retrofit existing valves.

Additional benefits include less leaks at lower (below working) pressure and better lubrication thus promoting longer life of valves and their components.

The special top and bottom grease fittings allow faster and more complete regreasing than with standard valves.

Oilwell Supply is always your BEST source and your BEST choice.